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OZZIEE Movers® - Moving Company Brisbane for Transportation of Household Goods

Ozziee Movers Brisbane- Furniture Removals Brisbane your one and only destination for all sorts of removals and related services is one of the best. Cheapest and reliable removals around Brisbane,QLD.

When it is time to move your home to another part of the country, you use the services of a moving company brisbane. Depending on the size of the company, the services offered will include loading, moving, packing, and so on. OZZIEE Movers® is one such company but with a difference. You get to see a whole load of movers and packing companies on our website. You can go through and pick the one you want when it is time for you to move to a new house or office. Here are a few things that a good removalist should have. Check them when you choose the company to transport your house belongings.

Pick your truck first

The reliable cheap removalists Brisbane give you doorstep service that includes packing and removal, so you needn’t worry about anything. You only need to move. Here is a breakdown of charges for services (you pay a flat callout fee for all services amounting to $40):

  • 4 tonne truck with 2 men: $75 per hour.
  • 5 tonne truck with 2 men: $80 per hour.
  • 6.5 tonne truck with 2 men: $85 per hour.
We have partners throughout the Australia, so you only need to call us, and we will put you through to your removalist at once. Confirm this with your local removalists before you make your move

1.Size of the Truck

You will have to select the mode of transportation available with the relocation companies on our website. For this, you must check what size truck you need. A 5-tonne truck has a length of 35 feet and a width of eight and a half feet. The height is 12 feet 5 inches. This gives you a total volume of 3,693 cubic feet. A 3-tonne truck will hold 2-bed unit or 18 cubic metres of furniture. One cubic metre equals 35.314 cubic feet. So, your 4.5-tonne truck will hold 24 cubic metres. Here is the rough estimate for you. If it is small size studio or a single bedroom apartment, hire a van. For a small office or a 3 bedroom home, hire a 3-tonne truck. For a larger office or 4 bedroom home, hire a 6-tonne truck. You can manually measure the total volume of your furniture and then add a small percentage to account for storing and arrive at the actual need. On the other hand, you can invite the movers to send a couple of men over to get a look at your house and assess the size of the truck you will need.

2. Check for Insurance and License

Choose a brisbane moving and storage company that is licensed and insured. This is highly important because you will suffer heavy expenses if something untoward were to happen. You see, any group of men with a truck will call themselves a moving company. You never know if they are trustworthy, or whether they will deliver your belongings safely or not. So, even if you are choosing a company from the OZZIEE Movers® website, be sure to ask for their license and insurance. You have a whole load of local moving companies out there on our website. Take your time to go through them and pick ones that have all that it takes. Most states will require a separate licensing as well. So, be sure to check whether the licensing is covered for the state where you go to.

3. Give yourself Penelty of time

Once you have decided on the moving company brisbane you only have to see that the rest of your plan works out well. It pays to have an action plan in place. This is the time-based schedule that tells you when to change the address on your electoral rolls when to inform the post office of your change in address, and things like that. You will need to have someone connect your broadband at the new place on the day you arrive. Keep your schedule on track by going over it several times. You have to arrange for your food on your moving day. It is better to pack a moving day box and put all essential items into it.

4. Loading and unloading facility

Experienced drivers with years of driving around in Australia handle our trucks. They know the countryside well and use the right routes to minimise distance. We realise how important your time is and we at cheap brisbane movers make sure you get the best service without any waste of time. Packing gets done with professional expertise. The boxed items remain secured within our trucks in a safe way. Whether it is a short journey or a long haul, you can rest assured that your goods will be in safe hands. Entrust your breakables to this moving company brisbane, sit back and relax, as we take care of all you need. We have years of service in delivering delicate household items safely. All the office items remain tied down with the greatest precaution so there is minimal movement when they are in transit. It is a matter of using enough cushioning material for keeping each item without hitting any other. We use different kinds of cotton wool and fibre cloth packing to secure all that we handle

5. Packing and unpacking service

The next thing is to check whether they will help with the packing and unpacking. This is a separate task in most cases. So, if these moving companies do not charge you for packing and unpacking, consider yourself lucky. This is a tricky proposition, and it is this part that makes moving a house such a difficult task. The thing is unless you have a method of packing and unpacking, it is very likely that you will get all the things mixed up and end up in a confusing mess at the other end. This will make your work of rearranging things at the new house impossible. Most of the movers will have a technique. One is to move the things into boxes and then numbering them in the way you found them in the house. So, the things in the outermost rooms will have the least numbers. The numbers increase as you go toward the inner rooms. By this time most of the things in the outer rooms will have been loaded into the truck. The things that come out last are the ones that will go into the inner rooms of the new house. Those will have the biggest numbers. If the removalist charges separately for this, you will have to pay more. So, check this point before you settle on any one moving company.